Men –> Gas Stove, Women –> Oven!

Relationships, we all have them. Parent-child, siblings, friends, acquaintances, man-woman, husband-wife, neighbors & even strangers. Not forgetting employer-employee & nowadays, online relationships.
So, matters of relationship have been known and claimed to be “complicated”. Some of them we can walk away from while some others we are stuck with for life! That’s a lousy way of saying it but that’s how many people felt about them.
Naturally, if and when relationships are loving, we hardly hear others talk or complain about them. WTH, considering the number of psychiatrists we have in the world, you can conclude that relationships are no laughing matters! On the other hands, relationships are also a very profitable businesses for many.
Whatever one’s way of looking at relationship, one cannot live without it.In the real sense of the word, the more you enjoy your relationships, the better off and the happier you will be in life!
True or False? If you can’t answer this simple question, then you have a huge problem! :p
Now, for want of a better word, relationships are complex and messy. They can be the best thing in life, that’s when you claim you are in heaven, or they can be the worst thing in life, ie. you are in hell!
The way I look at relationships. I can’t live without it and neither do I want to live without it. They are messy at times but it’s also when they are messy that they are also enriching. Sometimes they make you laugh so hard (& at other times, cry so hard) that you find tears in your eyes. Realistically though, at times one may feel lonely (but not necessary alone) or the reverse may also be true. 

I’ve had all kinds of relationships that we mentioned on the first sentence and for most part, they are good and even best. Nonetheless, they are not forever. I don’t know about you or how you feel, but I’ve often feel that no matter how close you get to someone or are around someone, you never truly ever understand him/her 100%; not even for those people we live under the same roof with or share the same bed with. Incidentally, relationship also changes as people changes, either one party or both parties. Hence, there are no such things as friends for life or partners for life. If, and if you are one of those lucky few in the world that this is true for you, then you are not the majority of the population. Perhaps my reality is very different from the rest of you, perhaps not. My point is that we each live according to our experiences and encounters. There is no right or wrong. There simply are different myriads of relationships and each one shines accordingly to how much light is shed on it. How colorful each relationship is can never be revealed until one walks to the end of one’s life. Hence, it is not only a journey that each of us must enjoy, it is also a destination that each of us will be revealed upon. Good or bad you are the actor and the director.

Relationship comes, relationship goes.
Relationship thrives, relationship grows.
One day my friend you will know me like no other do.
Until that day my friend you shall not leave me and go!
Well, that’s about it for today. My musing about relationships.
Relationship is not merely a complex topic, it is a subject one can spend a whole lifetime discussing and sharing.
For now, this is my take on relationships. What are yours?

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